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ECHO Surprising The Cabin Community At The Aircraft Interior Expo 2019

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

This edition of the Aircraft Interior Expo "AIX" in Hamburg was very special, as it witnessed the unveiling of ECHO and its platform. Guests at the ECHO booth were able to catch a first glance of the powerful Cabin Online Designer "COD" and were surprised by its speed and efficiency. The Expo was also the occasion to introduce ECHO's overhead storage solution: The Private Secured Box, an innovation that has proven to be very attractive to the cabin of the future and seen by many as the potential solution to the overhead space issues related to single aisle aircrafts.

Indeed the ECHO booth was crowded with visits from different profiles in the industry including design organizations, cabin suppliers and large original equipment manufacturers. To each of these different profiles the ECHO platform was proven to be very adaptable with a high potential of leveraging the overall speed of all the cabin related activities.

The Aircraft Interior Expo 2019 has opened new horizons for ECHO and brought the company interesting future partnerships that will be unveiled soon this year. It also raised the inevitable debate around the need for digital environment around the cabin with major players in the industry, agreeing that ECHO could be the starting point, of this very much needed, digital transformation of the cabin.

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