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COVID19: ECHO is working on making Travel Safer.

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

ECHO, a TECH-company dedicated to civil aviation is offering its latest cabin interior innovation for free during all 2020 in efforts to make flying safer again for all passengers.

Indeed the Covid19 pandemic continues its fast spread both in Europe and the United States, entire industries are on the blink of collapse, unravelling slowly a dark scenario for the future of the world’s economy. Yet hope is growing as first countries were able to contain the coronavirus spread and are slowly planning a return to “normality”. These countries are now facing a major dilemma. Should we keep the lockdown situation in efforts to stop in-coming contamination or should we progressively try to re-open our borders for international trade and travel to save what can be saved of the local economy?

In efforts to help the aviation industry kick-off again, ECHO developed a cabin loose-equipment with an IOT module that will help the smooth re-opening of borders by making flights safer, reducing the risks of contamination during flights. This solution is called the Private Secured Box.

So what is this BOX? The PSB is a personal lockable storage unit, that is fitted within the overhead bin compartment. It's a secure individual arrangement, saving the overhead space for the passenger who pre-booked it. The PSB helps in the execution of social distancing policy within the aircraft itself.

Limiting contact surface: As the PSB offers individual carry-on storage, it limits the direct interactions with other passenger and their belongings. I can also be pre-loaded with drinks and snacks to limit the cabin crew movement between the aisle with this temporary self-service mechanism.

Organized Embarkment: In order to minimize crowds in the aisle during embarkment, passengers can be called in with their seat numbers to quickly put their luggage in their PSB compartment and sit before the next Passenger gets its turn to do the same.

Faster Embarkments mean less “crowd” time at the gate.

Now that passengers are reassured that their seat and their luggage space are secured they will be less prone to form long waiting lines or compete against the crowd for carry-on luggage which used to frustrate a lot of passengers before especially in single-aisle aircrafts, where incidents due to overhead compartment shortage have been recorded.

The best part about the PSB is that easy to maintain and doesn't require an STC.

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