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24H Cabin Configuration

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

At ECHO we are committed to digitally reconfigure any passenger aircraft cabin into a new configuration in less than 24h.We did it for the temporary medical evacuation unit #MedEvac

While fighting the coronavirus pandemic, large cities across the globe are all facing the same challenge: Overcrowded hospitals. As the transfer of patients can be very complicated due to the virulence of the COVID-19, even cities with very decent healthcare infrastructure find themselves unable to assist all patients which sadly leads to an increase the local fatality rate. One way to solve this issue is to convert some of the grounded passenger aircrafts into temporary medical evacuation units

ECHO is digitally supporting all Airlines participating in the global efforts to fight the COVID19 pandemic. With the help of our online cabin design platform, We can collaborate in real-time with you to integrate Intensive-care units and contagion free zone in you cabin design and provide you with all the necessary documents required for your cabin certification. We are fast, agile and ready to collaborate online thanks to our SaS online cabin design platform. Request your medical evacuation cabin layout today and get your LOPA and design documents at in less than 24 hours

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